Southern Momentum Statement on Final Hour UAW Attacks on Volkswagen

June 13, 2019 – Southern Momentum, a grassroots group of Volkswagen Chattanooga workers who oppose the United Auto Workers (UAW), today released the following statement after Automotive News reported that the UAW is “disputing whether the automaker is maintaining its neutrality.”

“Here we go again,” said Maury Nicely, a Chattanooga-based lawyer for Evans Harrison Hackett PLC, who has worked with anti-UAW team members since 2014. “While the UAW has tried to distance itself from attacks on the company by the Center for VW Facts, the union itself is treating Volkswagen as an adversary. The UAW has been provided with an unprecedented hands-off approach from Volkswagen, yet they are still attacking the company. We are glad voting is underway and are hopeful workers have seen that the UAW is not here to be a partner to the company and our community. They are simply here to knock Volkswagen down and collect membership dues to send back to Detroit.”

Southern Momentum first formed ahead of the 2014 election at the Volkswagen Chattanooga facility, which the UAW lost by a vote of 712 to 626. Workers looking for more information can email [email protected].