Southern Momentum Blasts UAW For Attacks on Volkswagen

May 14, 2019 – Southern Momentum today released the following statement after a United Auto Workers (UAW) member and Michigan political consultant launched an organization to attack Volkswagen.

“Volkswagen may not be perfect, but it is sickening that the UAW and its cronies have now stood up an organization to tear down a company that employs thousands of Chattanoogans,” said Rob Berger, a team member at Volkswagen Chattanooga. “The UAW has a record of running companies out of town, and this latest development shows why. When they attack Volkswagen, they attack me. The livelihoods of our families depend on the success of Volkswagen and by encouraging this type of behavior, the UAW is showing yet again that it does not care about our future.”

Southern Momentum first formed ahead of the 2014 election at the Volkswagen Chattanooga facility, which the UAW lost by a vote of 712 to 626. Workers looking for more information can email [email protected].