Chattanooga has a long history of manufacturing success – and Volkswagen is one of its most prized possessions, currently employing 3,800 people, including us. The company recently broke ground on an $800 million expansion of our production facility that will eventually house assembly lines for electric vehicles, creating an additional 1,000 jobs.

At Southern Momentum, we advocate for the best interests of our families and for the future of Volkswagen Chattanooga. We stand with Volkswagen and against the United Auto Workers (UAW), an organization that continues to fail in its efforts to organize our plant.

We celebrate our colleagues and stand against the UAW, which simply wants to knock down Volkswagen and take our hard earned dollars in the form of membership dues to send back to Detroit.

We are the hardworking employees in Chattanooga, and WE ARE VOLKSWAGEN.

Join us as we stand with Volkswagen on behalf of our families, our coworkers, and our community. Sign your name below to join and/or support Southern Momentum and stay up-to-date on our efforts to keep Volkswagen Chattanooga free from UAW corruption.

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